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Tickle Torment – I Tickle, You Giggle

Mistress Alexis Tickle Torment PhonesexThere are many ways to torment someone. Some of them are more sadistic, with pain and a lot of suffering. I do enjoy those things, but sometimes it’s nice to just take a lighter and more playful approach to things.

That’s why I enjoy tickle torment phone sex so much. It can bring so much agony along with pleasure at the same time. It’s really erotic and sensual for me, as well as my victim.

Tied down for tickle torment fun…

The most important part of tickle torment is that my victim is properly restrained. When I tie a man up to my bed, I like to make sure that he’s got his hands and feet tied to all 4 four bed posts. Having him spread eagle like that just makes him seem so helpless. Just put yourself in the place of my victim, if you will.

Imagine seeing me walk toward you with a feather, knowing what I’m about to do to you and not being able to do anything about it. Trust me, I might be starting out with a feather, but that’s not the only tool for tickling I have in my arsenal.

Just for men who like to be tickled…

I’m going to start out with the bottoms of your feet and I’m going to just oh so lightly run the tip of my feather against your heel and slide it all the way up until I’m at your toes. You’re going to be jerking and trying to get away from me, but it’s not going to work. You’re not going anywhere until I am ready for you to.

Your feet can’t possibly be the only ticklish area on your body. I’m going to take that feather and run it over every inch of your body and see what gets the biggest reaction from you. And you might act like you are in agony, but it’s kind of hard to hide how excited you are.


Grab your phone and call me for your own tickle torture session. I can’t wait to find out what area of your body “does it” for you.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

5 comments to Tickle Torment – I Tickle, You Giggle

  • Mistress Amber

    Tickling is sexy, Miss Alexis! When it comes to domination, tickle torment is definitely a way to spice it up. There’s already so many things to do when someone is all tied up that playing with a feather is perfect….especially around the cock and ball area. Nipples, neck….I love making people squirm and bonus if I can make them just a tad anxious. Blindfolded, it’s a whole new thing!

  • I love having my feet tickled. Tickling can have all kinds of intentions: It can be fun, torturous and erotic. I like to hear men lose control of their muscles and giggle like a little girl. I also like them tied up and ready to torture all erogenous zone.

    • Alexis

      Isn’t it funny how something as simple and lighthearted as tickling can turn very ugly very quickly in a good way? Just think how hot it would be to find yourself restrained, only to have those feet tickled to the point where your mirthful laughter turns into squeals and moans and pleas to stop? You want to fight but that adrenaline is just oh so delicious.

  • LOLOL! Oh Miss Alexis I can’t tell you how much I enjoy tickle torture! I remember the first time I saw it was at a tickle party at Paddles in NY. I didn’t know what all the laughing and squealing was about and then I saw these two men that were tied down to a spanking bench just being tickled by these sexy Mistresses! It was awesome! I totally get the appeal! Great blog post 🙂

    • Alexis

      That must have been quite a sight! And in NY of all places, hehehe. I’m sure you’ve made sure to engage in a bit of tickle torture since.

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