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Three Brand New Ways to Get Nasty

Ms Alexis Femdom Phone SexYou had plans this weekend right? Cancel them. Ok, you don’t HAVE to cancel them, but you do have to make a date with four of the hottest Mistresses around. Just in case you weren’t aware, we’ve recently welcomed some new doves into the fold of our sisterhood. Mistress Marlena is a real treat. Is she as spicy as her name? You’ll have to call and find out. Take a listen to see what Mistress Chelsea is all about. Think you can handle her?  And if your mind hasn’t been completely blown off the radar, then you’ll definitely want a taste of Mistress Taylor.

Two Mistresses are always better than one…

Truer words have never been spoken, and it’s especially true this weekend. I don’t need to remind you of my overwhelming excellence. You’ve always been a fan and I thank you, but now your chance to sample some Alexis delight with a sprinkling of “new girl” on top. That’s right! I am encouraging you to pick up the phone and do a two-girl call with myself and one of our sexy new divas. We will wrap you up in a warm, wet lust-filled cocoon of domineering delights.

Your kink is our pleasure…

So what do you like? Are you a naughty cuckold, or just an office slut who wants to be told what to do? Or maybe you are a soon-to-be sissy who needs to be coaxed heavily into being feminized.  No matter what you are into, I am certain me and the girls can find some way of indulging your most wicked desires.



Ms Alexis Phonesex

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  • I had so much fun with you on our threesome call, Mistress Alexis, I felt like I should be paying too! Thank you for showing a new Mistress a VERY good time. You are as erotically agile and talented as you are drop dead gorgeous.

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