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Teasing Femdom Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I don’t mind teasing a cock now and then. Oh, who are we kidding? I LOVE being a cocktease. There is just something so powerful about taking control of a man’s cock and driving him to the point of complete and total dependence upon you for his pleasure. He knows you’re in charge too, and that’s a big plus, but it’s not the key factor that really gets me revved up during a hot edgeplay session. No, what really flips my switch, is the auditory fulfillment that comes with the variety of noises that a man makes when he’s manually stimulating himself for me.

Moan for me, baby

I know that every guy is different in the noise department. That is totally fine. No pressure. But just know that for those who are into letting go and letting those sounds of arousal creep out, that you are in for a treat because then I know I’ve got you. There’s no going back at that point. You are my proverbial prisoner and the key is wedged between my boobs with no end date on your sentence. Prepare for those balls to be so full, so tight, and you oh so needy.

Teasing your cock is such a thrill

What’s great about a tease and delay session is that you can just relax and really focus on the fun. Having a Mistress is control is like putting everything on auto-pilot. I promise that cock is safe in my hands (or between my breasts if you’re lucky!) So the next time you find yourself entangled with me and you’re thinking of ways to ramp up the call without being blunt, just give me one of those sexy moans or two. Trust me, it gets me every time.