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Spanking That Ass: Tears for Jeers

How do you feel about getting a spanking? Every man needs a good whipping now and then to keep him centered. The male mind is a place where wicked thoughts manifest themselves regularly. That is why women were put upon this Earth, to spank your bottom! (and laugh while doing it!)

Spanking you makes . . . → Read More: Spanking That Ass: Tears for Jeers

Spanking for Pleasure

“YOU need a spanking…”

That’s usually how the scene plays out at the beginning. You are sprawled out on the couch looking particularly smug after the grand accomplishment of taking out the garbage once this week. You practically melt under the touch of my fingertips on your chest. My velvety voice slides past your . . . → Read More: Spanking for Pleasure

Erotic Spanking Just Feels Good

Most of you remember that getting put over a woman’s knee and having your ass swatted was considered a punishment for something you did wrong and they were trying to teach you a lesson. It still amazes how many of you want to be put in that same position now. Being placed over my . . . → Read More: Erotic Spanking Just Feels Good

Spanking That Ass

Sexy-Lexi means business

Being naughty is just a part of being human. We spend most of our waking lives surrounded by temptation. No matter how hard we try to fight it, it’s only a matter of time before we slip up and find ourselves feeling very guilty. So how do we absolve ourselves . . . → Read More: Spanking That Ass

Do You Deserve to be Spanked?

Sometimes my submissives will approach me and ask me to discipline them straight off. There’s no suspense to it, no build-up of anticipation. They crawl right up to me with that hairbrush in their mouth or that rattan cane and they ask me to spank them. This is completely fine as I enjoy spanking . . . → Read More: Do You Deserve to be Spanked?