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Sissy Humiliation: I Know the Truth

This sissy humiliation post is all about a very special friend of mine named sissy missy. Sissy missy is an office slut. I’ve mentioned her before, certainly. She is boisterous and bubbly and really really slutty. I mean she could give runaround Sue a run for the money. And guess what! This whore has . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation: I Know the Truth

Pink is for Sissies

Out of all the colors in the spectrum, is there any more appropriately associated with girlishness than pretty pink? All colors represent moods.

Though cultural background can play a big role in this interpretation, I think it can be agreed that pink is generally accepted as a more feminine color. When is the last . . . → Read More: Pink is for Sissies

Submissive Sissy Mysteries

Panty-thief on the loose! #MistressProblems

Where did all the panties go? In the beginning, I thought that hiring a sissy maid was a good idea, but now I am starting to wonder. My days are fast-paced and frenzied, so I needed the extra help, but I’ve noticed that my sweet panty collection has . . . → Read More: Submissive Sissy Mysteries

Sissy Maid of My Dreams

In my last post, I explored the wonders and delights of naked hunks in a CFNM situation. I realize, though, that many of my sissy gurls may have felt a bit left out. Is there room for a sissy maid or two in my servant roster? Of course there is! A driver and a . . . → Read More: Sissy Maid of My Dreams

Turned Into A Sissy

I am a huge believer in not judging a book by its cover. If I have learned anything over the course of my life, it’s that you never really know what lies beneath any exterior. More often than not, the harder one tries to represent themselves in a certain way, it usually means they . . . → Read More: Turned Into A Sissy