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Sex Hair Means It’s Good

One of the most pressing questions regarding sex on peoples’ minds today is, “How do I know if it was good for my partner?” People tend to shy away from outright questioning, because they fear the response. What if in your mind it was phenomenal, but perhaps maybe you didn’t exactly rock their world . . . → Read More: Sex Hair Means It’s Good

Alexis: International Sexsation

Are you blokes ready for a bit of sex education?

What’s the difference between American phone sex and phone sex across the pond, or anywhere else for that matter? Truth be told, things can get a bit pricey when making calls overseas. LDW has successfully made it’s mark here in the States by being home . . . → Read More: Alexis: International Sexsation

Cock Locked in Captivity Hell

If the subby really wants it…is it truly abuse?

I do so enjoy asking questions. It puts me in the mindset of a darkened room with you tied to a chair. Overhead is a bright light beaming directly down onto you, practically washing out the lines of my sinful curves as I walk about. . . . → Read More: Cock Locked in Captivity Hell

My Love for You and Male Chastity

“I did it because I love you.”

At least that’s the reason you’ve been repeating to yourself again and again in your mind. The sound of my voice continuously whirling and swirling about reminding you of your new beginning. That is of course what it amounts to: a new life for you; the man . . . → Read More: My Love for You and Male Chastity

Erotic Humiliation: The Alexis Way

When it comes to phone sex, it’s a wide, wide world open for exploration. Some like it lovey-dovey style and many of you out there  are into trying on various kinks and fetishes.  One of my all-time favorites is erotic humiliation. For me personally, my enjoyment of the sport comes from the fact that . . . → Read More: Erotic Humiliation: The Alexis Way