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Naked in the Office

Happy Father’s Day!

I know something that you’ll like; a nice vivid image that is based on a true story. I was burning the midnight oil working on a project, which is something that I have been called upon to do a lot of lately. If you’re thinking I automatically stooped to being naughty . . . → Read More: Naked in the Office

Holiday Weekend Phone Sex

Are you going away for the weekend? Perhaps you will be staying in a hotel room. If so, then you’ll want to add a little line-item to your itinerary: hot Mistress phone sex. Travel can be relaxing, but these days it usually takes more energy to be on vacation than to get away from . . . → Read More: Holiday Weekend Phone Sex

Masturbation May 2014

Masturbation May is officially in full swing. Given this fact, I thought it wise to prepare a very special message for all you strokers out there. Give a listen and be sure to wish a happy Masturbation May to my fellow Mistresses with a nice blog comment or two!


Click here to . . . → Read More: Masturbation May 2014

Naughty in the Office

I get asked a lot of different questions on a wide range of topics, and I am happy to answer them all. But I’ve also noticed certain questions popping up over and over again. This tells me that if a certain question is being asked by various people I interact with, then there is . . . → Read More: Naughty in the Office

The Eroticism of Spanking

All of us deal with things in different ways, especially when it comes to having naughty thoughts. Often when we masturbate, we allow our minds to fill with all sorts of filthy, torrid images. Sometimes the scenes include ourselves and other times we take on a more voyeuristic role. It’s the feeling of being . . . → Read More: The Eroticism of Spanking