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High Heels Fetish: Date with an Amazon II

It looks like my tale of high heels and hotness got you curious enough to come back. That’s good because there is certainly more to tell. I mentioned having my pick of any man in the place. It was a tough choice but in the end I spotted the perfect catch. Oh, it’s probably . . . → Read More: High Heels Fetish: Date with an Amazon II

Legs That Long to be Worshiped

I am lying on my bed as I type this, comfortably dressed in panties and bra. But my legs are bare. They are silky smooth after my encounter with a warm bubble bath and a bit of time on my hands. Feels so good to be feminine as I slide them against one another, . . . → Read More: Legs That Long to be Worshiped

Strict Femdom with Sexy Legs

Is there anything hotter than a woman who doesn’t take any crap from anybody? I bet it helps if she has a right delicious set of gams. I’m talking about the kind of sexy shoes and hot legs that tower over you as you are down on the ground awaiting your fate. A woman . . . → Read More: Strict Femdom with Sexy Legs

Worship My Amazing Legs

“I need you, pet.”

Are those the words that you’re longing to hear? Because they are true. I do need you. Not for everything, of course, but most certainly where it counts like when you’re on your knees just poised for greatness. My subby is so eager to serve his queen, it delights me . . . → Read More: Worship My Amazing Legs

It’s Body Worship Weekend

The body worship fetish is something that I particularly enjoy.┬áMy stroker-pets need to be tamed, and I tame them during in every possible way. I know to control their orgasm when they are on the verge of exploding. I know how to tap into their dark desires and secrets even while humiliating them. For . . . → Read More: It’s Body Worship Weekend