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Gear Up for Two-Mistress Thursday!!!

Start practicing those stroking positions, it’s time to double up for all your pleasure. I know that’s what you usually do with me anyway. How can you look at my gorgeous goodies and not think, “Hmmm, I just adore Ms Alexis’ creamy nether regions. How can I make the experience that much better? Well . . . → Read More: Gear Up for Two-Mistress Thursday!!!

Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies

Mistress Alexis here with another installment of the Great-American-Sex-Blog. If you are one of my loyal readers, then you already know that Among other things, I am still the foremost authority when it comes to¬†cuckold phone sex. If not, then hopefully this will be the article that changes your mind and converts you to . . . → Read More: Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies

Phone Humiliation Fetish

Do you have one? You know what I mean, a phone humiliation fetish! I certainly hope so, because I want you to know that I take personal pleasure in putting men like you in your place. It’s a low down dirty job, but someone has to do it. Thank goodness it’s me! Life can . . . → Read More: Phone Humiliation Fetish

Coerced Bi Cock Worship

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post about the sensitive topic of coerced bi cock worship. I’ve got a bevy of sweety-darlings out there who just love to get on their knees, take out a nice, big, fat, juicy cock and go to town just sucking and loving every inch of . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi Cock Worship

The Fab Friday Call Marathon is Coming!!!

Are you ready for the weekend? Got any plans? Because if they don’t involve spending some quality time with the ultra-sexy ladies of LDW, then it’s time to make some changes. The Fab Four ladies of Hair and Heels are especially ready to welcome summertime right. There’s no need to bring flip-flops, unless you . . . → Read More: The Fab Friday Call Marathon is Coming!!!