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Happy Birthday to the Queen!

I hope I get lots of small penis humiliation calls today!

Today is a very special day. I am but one year stronger, prouder, and my erotic desires are more potent than ever. Tis true. It is indeed my birthday. So what do I want to do? All of you, of course! Let’s make . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Gear Up for Two-Mistress Thursday!!!

Start practicing those stroking positions, it’s time to double up for all your pleasure. I know that’s what you usually do with me anyway. How can you look at my gorgeous goodies and not think, “Hmmm, I just adore Ms Alexis’ creamy nether regions. How can I make the experience that much better? Well . . . → Read More: Gear Up for Two-Mistress Thursday!!!

Sexy Stockings Leg Worship Fantasy

I’ve been neglecting all my sweet foot fetish junkies out there on my blog, so I felt it high time to give you a big hello and welcome back! I love sexy stockings and the only thing I love more is making stockings look sexy. I’m sure you’ve seen my long, lovely, luscious legs. . . . → Read More: Sexy Stockings Leg Worship Fantasy

Cum Eaters Anonymous

This article is dedicated to a caller who recently made great strides to impress me with his cum eating abilities. He proved himself to be both obedient and willing to do whatever it took to please me. This included dropping to his knees on the stone floor with hands behind his back, patiently awaiting . . . → Read More: Cum Eaters Anonymous

An Ode to Panty Boy Sluts

I am dedicating this post to all of my personal panty sluts, but to one especially who has touched my achy femdom Mistress heart. He is the Panty Savant, mentioned only once in a previous post long ago but no less relevant today. He always has a glad tone and a warm word to . . . → Read More: An Ode to Panty Boy Sluts