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Sissy Humiliation: I Know the Truth

This sissy humiliation post is all about a very special friend of mine named sissy missy. Sissy missy is an office slut. I’ve mentioned her before, certainly. She is boisterous and bubbly and really really slutty. I mean she could give runaround Sue a run for the money. And guess what! This whore has . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation: I Know the Truth

The Curious Crossdresser

So, you’re a little curious about sissy crossdressing, huh? Well, you’re totally in the right place for that. I know that you probably are eager to explore your femininity and that’s something I love to do. I will help turn you into the sissy crossdresser you have always dreamed of being.

You’re going to . . . → Read More: The Curious Crossdresser

Sissy Crossdressing in Public

So, maybe you’ve been into sissy crossdressing for a while now, but you’ve only ever done it within the confines of your own home. You haven’t felt confident enough to go out into the world dressed like a woman, but you really need to get over that.

If you’re going to transform yourself into . . . → Read More: Sissy Crossdressing in Public

Crossdressing Men in Captivity

How can any man resist the allure of feminine attire? It is designed to draw attention to all the best parts of a woman. The luxurious pleasure of stockings against ones fingertips will most often bring about a spike in the excitement levels.

The highest heels enhance the shape of a curvy leg in . . . → Read More: Crossdressing Men in Captivity

What I Know About Sissies

The amount of knowledge I possess about the sissy community could fill two giant jars of sparkly, pink jelly beans. Regardless of whether they are a crossdressing novice or a diva on the scene, I love interacting with fembois and gurls of all types. As long as they have a clear idea of what . . . → Read More: What I Know About Sissies