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Naked New Year’s Eve: Goodbye 2016

Pop the champagne! Tonight’s the night. Are you feelin’ it? In my last post I talked about the fun of dressing up for a New Year’s Eve party. Now we’re all about dressing down. It feels good to get naked and put on a show, especially if there are ladies present.

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CFNM Means Happy Holidays For All

I remember a holiday office party I attended once that would be an absolutely perfect setup for a CFNM phone sex call. There were so many gorgeous women who worked in the office that year and I can’t really blame anybody for staring at us all of the time. There was only one guy . . . → Read More: CFNM Means Happy Holidays For All

CFNM Halloween Party

You can quit cleaning your glasses now. You’re not imagining things. Halloween is definitely among the favorite holidays here at the Enchantrix Empire. You can put a spin on it for just about every kink out there, but CFNM? Yeah, that’s different.

There are some perks to being a CFNM lover on Halloween for . . . → Read More: CFNM Halloween Party

CFNM on Naked New Year’s Eve

Forget that cheesy old song. THIS is the most wonderful time of the year because Naked New Year’s Eve is tomorrow. Yes, if you are into CFNM, this day on the calendar was tailor-made for you. So break out your best birthday suit. It’s about to get wild.

Clothed Female Naked Male fun…

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CFNM in Peculiar Places

Some might say that CFNM and humiliation go hand in hand. I may be inclined to agree. I mean, just look at the situation as a whole. A typical clothed female nude male situation will consist of a man who has been more or less stripped down to nothing, and a group of fully . . . → Read More: CFNM in Peculiar Places