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Ass Worship: It’s About Time

If you are one of my faithful readers, then you will have noticed there has been a lot of ass on my blog lately. I’ve covered pounding it, swatting it, shoving things inside of it, but there is also a very tender side of things when it comes to the backside. So today’s . . . → Read More: Ass Worship: It’s About Time

Ass Worship: A Submissive’s Duty

Don’t you think that my ass is just absolutely gorgeous? I thought so too. It’s deserving of nothing less than an ass worship phone sex call in which you describe in great detail all of the things you are willing to do to please me and worship me. Or maybe it will be me . . . → Read More: Ass Worship: A Submissive’s Duty

My Ass Won’t Lick Itself

I have been accused of many things in my lifetime. Being subtle is not one of them. I like being direct. If it shocks people, all the better, especially if by people I’m referring to my submissive.  Ass worship is one of the best bonding experiences for a Mistress and her sub. The level . . . → Read More: My Ass Won’t Lick Itself

Nothing Like A Gorgeous Ass

In my previous post I mentioned the joys of anal play and anal masturbation, so I guess that means I’m stuck on butts! I bet you don’t mind it though because you just love having your lips stuck on my yummy butt, dontcha? You were probably staring at it for a good five minutes . . . → Read More: Nothing Like A Gorgeous Ass

Sexy, Strong Femdom Mistress

That’s right! I exist, and I am nothing to fool around with. I can be your worst nightmare or your greatest fantasy depending how you play it. In the end, all that matters is your understanding that this erotic femdom Mistress is  in full control. Awwww, does the thought of me pushing you around . . . → Read More: Sexy, Strong Femdom Mistress