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Femdom Mistress in Panties AlexisDid you really think I wouldn’t catch you stealing her panties from the dresser? I can spot a panty thief from miles away. You have got some nerve, that’s for sure. I bet you’ve been tip-toeing into the room while she was away for months now.

It always starts with one pair doesn’t it? You pick up those silky panties and feel them against your fingertips and ohhhhh… that sensation! Is it any wonder you’re so obsessed? It’s not enough to touch. You want to wear them!

Sticking Your Hands in Her Panty Drawer

It’s just too tempting not to grab all of those prettily folded panties isn’t it? I had a submissive sissy maid that would raid the panty drawer every chance she got! And I am here to tell you to stop! Don’t be that person. My sissy got punished, while wearing panties no less, the hard way! Be careful or you could experience the same fate.

Punished for Stealing Panties

She was trussed up at the first opportunity with her arms and legs spread. I took the panties she had lifted from my drawer and stuffed them in her mouth. After that, I made sure to spank her bottom good and hard with my favorite paddle. Now she is one of those panty-wearing men that has my mark emblazoned on that ass for good! I think it’s safe to say that she learned a good lesson that day. It didn’t stop her from begging for more.

Confess Your Panty Obsession!

Now I know some of you out there are serial panty-snatchers, so ‘fess up! I want to hear your story in the comments. It will make you feel SO much better to get it off your chest.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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