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Small Penis Humiliation with Inflatables

Small penis humiliation phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975If you’ve been blessed with a small penis, then you are allowed to get excited over this post. Why? Because I’ve just found a whole new purpose for you! In case I haven’t said it enough times for you, there IS a point to your tiny prick, and it’s to make me laugh and giggle. You’ll still get the joy of masturbating with your small penis, only this time you’ll be sticking it inside something! Of course it’s not me. Don’t be ridiculous!

Show your woman a good time

You’ve got a date with an inflatable toy. Sometimes I sit and wonder if they even still make blow up dolls but they totally do. That means you’re going to go get one and perform for me. There’s just one thing you need to note. Just because she’s made of vinyl, that doesn’t get you off the hook. You’re going to treat her right! Make her a nice dinner. Play some sexy music. Really set the mood. Then she and I will let you know when it’s go time.

Blow up doll humiliation

And just when you think you’ve got it made, that’s probably when you’ll hear a soft giggle in your ear reminding you that you can’t get her off either! With your luck, you’ll probably end up being denied by an inflatable woman. Oh well. Serves you right for having a small penis. Hahahaha!

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3 comments to Small Penis Humiliation with Inflatables

  • michael

    the truth is I always, always wanted to be one of the “big guys” or at least an ‘average guy’. There are three ways you learn. The first is you just have a suspicion, then the dreaded “locker rooms”. It is awful to admit but some guys are just impressive. Most are at least “average”. You learn to dress quickly. But it is really girls who matter and girls who put the icing on the cake. If a girl tells you what she thinks a good size is and you are far less there is nothing you can say. You feel upset but also you feel like apologizing and inside yourself you want to make up for it. I have developed a weird “chore fetish” related to this. I also used to make those “dolls” – get pillows and things and dress them up so you could have a “girlfriend”. You know how nuts it would be if someone saw you but it was also nice.

  • LOL, Ms. Alexis, you are so wicked. “Here’s your inflatable date for the evening. Psst…you can’t get HER off either!” It’s good training for a small penis beta boy to learn how to get aroused by understanding how little use we have for little penises like his. Oh, and michael: LOL @ your “pillow girlfriend!”

  • LMAO! I love this Ms. Alexis! An inflatable really is the perfect date for a small penis. “Of course it’s not me. Don’t be ridiculous” oh that made me laugh so hard. I love when they get confused and think they are men for a minute and forget that there is no way they are putting that teeny thing near us!

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