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Small Penis Humiliation: Dare to Compare

Small penis humiliation phonesex with Alexis 800-601-6975What can I say? Some guys definitely get off on small penis humiliation. Life has not been so kind to them in the dick department. Lucky for me, instead of hiding it away in complete and utter shame, they beg me to look at pics of their sad little willies just for funsies. Of course, I am only too happy to oblige. But sharing pictures isn’t always enough. Some guys beg me to share their shame on my blog. I tell them if I have room for a SMALL mention that I will. Well today is the day!

Objects in photo may be smaller than they appear

I call him LittleRedBic. He was quite the surprise visitor who politely asked me to join him on Skype one day during a call. At the time, I had no idea what his dick situation was. I just got excited at the prospect of a guy revealing himself to me on cam, so I went for it. He sent a series of pics for me to view and my jaw dropped immediately. Was he for real? So many different poses, all with the same result, but there was one thing that really stood out.

Small penis humiliation begins with the truth

There was a photo of his tiny prick next to a little red bic lighter

… and the lighter was BIGGER!

I couldn’t, nor would I make this up. And while I’m not opposed to teasing a small cock, it was the furthest thing from my mind as I continued to laugh and jeer at his sheer inadequacy. So, if there is a point to this post it is to say thanks for the wonderful time laughing at your small penis. My stomach is still slightly sore from cracking up. Plus, it’s just a good reminder that as a woman there are some things worth waiting for and definitely worth passing on.

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8 comments to Small Penis Humiliation: Dare to Compare

  • Ms Alexis, your Bic lighter story put a big grin on my face as I laughed out loud. Smaller than a Bic is a sad state of affairs but I suppose somebody has to live that life. An enjoyable post.

  • tiny tim

    Thanks Goddess Alexis. Even I am barely bigger then a Bic lighter. I like the dare to compare.

  • Ms. Alexis, I have to agree with Ms. Cindy, the Bic lighter story was so hilarious. He’d definitely fail the toilet paper tube challenge! It always amazes me how desperately some of these pindicks want their pictures to go onto our Walls of Shame! Then again, whenever I need a good laught, all I have to do is bring up those pictures!

  • mike

    I don’t pretend to know exactly how but even before you have any contact at all with a female you get the clear idea that it is not a good thing if you are small or tiny. I don’t even know how a boy knows this. You just do or think you do or suspect it might be true. You see “big” or “bigger” guys as more powerful and “having more” than you do. Then, sadly, you get to the locker rooms. Some guys are actually proud. It shows. They do not make any effort to cover up. You envy them and are jealous but still you try to not think about it. The truth is – then you “hear from girls”. You hear and overheard them and you learn that most of them (if not all of them) do care and do notice. It is totally embarrassing to admit that you yourself notice and feel envy of bigger and even average guys.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am going to look for a bic lighter when i find one i.will let you know

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Smaller than bic lighter and unused like my bic lighter don’t smoke or use it

  • Oh Ms. Alexis, I too LOVE it when I get to see visuals that compare those tiny wees to common everyday objects. It really makes it OBVIOUS what we’re dealing with. It’s almost as if we can imagine having that little nubbin right in front of us, watching it twitch as we laugh at it!

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