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It’s almost Spring and you know what that means! The sissy wedding fairy is bound to make an appearance or two, sprinkling magical fairy dust on all those girlie gurls out there. It is the dust of dreams that makes men visualize what it might be like to prance about in a cutesy skirt and heels, but in this case one must prepare for something a bit more formal.

Grab your sissy wedding dress!

There are tons of places to shop online for a sissy wedding gown. And these days you can order a gown that is both exquisite or inexpensive. Want expensive? Go for it! You’ll just get way more for the money is all. Go crazy with beading, lace appliques, and a formal train if you like.

Then you’ll have to find the right pair of shoes and a veil! Add some makeup and you’ll be the most beautiful sissy bride in town. It’s so fun to be frilly!

All kinds of sissy brides

What kind of sissy bride will you be? What kind of sissy wife will you be? These are both important questions that need answering, so give it some thought. Then share in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your dream wedding! Ohmigosh! Share share share!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex