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We’ve all heard of the walk of shame. You know the one where you’re dressed in last night’s clothes because you unexpectedly turned a casual meetup into a raunchy sleepover? Well this blog post is not about that. No, I’m referring to the other walk of shame that comes standard with my brand of sissy humiliation. I’m talking about training a bitch to walk in high heels and everything that comes along with that.

A sissy needs to practice walking in heels

Oh they’re so cute when they’re first learning how to stand up straight and tall. That’s usually the part most sissy gurls have no trouble with. But the walking! Oh my goodness. Just the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other presents such difficulty. You’ve gotta have strong ankles if you want to rock those heels, and that means lots and lots of practice.

Sissy humiliation is just beginning

I usually like to start low with a 1 inch heel. Many of you know how tall that is because you can compare it to your sissy clitty for an accurate measure, hehe! After a few months of progress we move up to the next step. Before you know it you’ll be stomping around in 5 inch heels like you’re Kate Fucking Moss under the runway lights. And you’ll be able to do it while serving my girlfriends blintzes and bellinis for brunch. Yeah, try saying that while you practice balancing, bimbo. I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go without falling on that face of yours.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex