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Sissy Cum Lips Pays a Visit

sissy slave training Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975There’s a name I haven’t bragged about in awhile. That’s a NAME you say? It sure is, and it belongs to none other than one of my favorite sissy humiliation sluts. Every once in a blue moon, he will grace me with his presence. Usually, he’ll be dressed in his uniform which consists of a pair of panties with red lips imprinted all over them. That’s his signal to me that he’s in it for the fun. And of course Mister Cock and Mister Hairbrush were also in attendance. Sometimes a humiliated sissy just needs a good beating before the real fun begins, and sissy cum lips is more than willing.

Training my humiliation whore

What I love most about this sissy with a small penis is that he understands just how little he means to me in the grand scheme of things. He knows he can’t hold a candle to any of my bulls. His job is to kick ass at work so he can properly spoil me and give me what I deserve. And what I give him in return is priceless. He basically gets ignored, assuming I’m not laughing my ass off at just how pathetic he is.

They don’t call him sissy cum lips for nothing

So basically, between myself and my two helpers, Mister Cock and Mister Hairbrush, the four of us had an incredible time. Those panties were soaked! Sissy cum lips was left a pitiful panting mess, and I was left feeling very deliciously compensated. Thank you for being such an obedient slut and cleaning it all up. I’m sure the next time you call will be even more fun. We’ll find out just how much we can stuff in that not-so-little hole of yours. Then it’s back to the brag board with you, sissy slut!

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

10 comments to Sissy Cum Lips Pays a Visit

  • sissy donna

    Mistress,i believe that is his name, sissy cum lips! If You remember I told You what I am called it is pussy lips! I got that name because it got around that my lips, mouth and throat are just as good as a real Women’s pussy. Over the years so many men have cum in my pussy lips mouth, to feed me their cum!

  • Mistress Amber

    Sissy Cum Lips sounds like one helluva good time, Miss Alexis! I never tire of humiliating all the the little dick bitches that whimper and ache to serve!

  • My imagination is running wild over what kind of adventures you had with Mister Cock and Mister Hairbrush! Sounds like Sissy Cum Lips definitely had a hell of a ride–with RIDE being the operative word. It’s probably the best ride this little dick sissy ever had!

  • Steve

    Great parking lot fun today…WOW

    • Alexis

      You’re not kidding. I could tell you definitely had a LOT of fun. Looks like you’re gonna give sissy cum lips a run for his money.

  • Clarence

    GODDESS when will you put me on the ground and just walk all over me. How long will it take you to turn me into your personal cock sucker.

  • Clarence

    GODDESS you are fucking beautiful, when will you let me suck your toes. PLEASE

  • Your cock sucker

    GODDESS when can i worship you. Please let me suck your toes. Can you make me suck MASTER cock? You are fucking gorgeous

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