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Sissification Phone Sex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I just love this time of year. The dreaded Summer blaze is finally officially dead, gone, and not coming back for awhile (okay a little while for us California folks). Boots and fur trim are in high fashion. And we all get to justify those extra naughty nibbles as we travel the party circuit. And while we’re on the subject of parties, let us not forget that for those of you who are serious about sissification, this is really your time to shine. I have no doubt that you have dreamt of playing sissy housewife party hostess for some time. Well, let me assure you. There is no better time than this.

Channelling your ultra-hostess…

Now, depending on the type of event you have in mind, you’ll want to look your best. Not every party will require layers of taffeta. Though there’s something undeniably yummy about the swishing sound that it makes when you’re scooting about in your sissy high heels. You might be just as at home in a long sweater with leggings, pearls, and an adorable pair of flats. Think Audrey Hepburn. And yes, you can totally pull it off.

Make sure your guests have plenty to snack on. Store bought is fine, but try to throw in your own little touches where it counts, like with a bunch of fresh baked cookies made by you, of course. How often do we get to break out the cookie cutters and the pearlescent icing? Make every minute count!

Making sissification a party priority…

Lastly, don’t forget to go the extra mile in setting the mood for your guests. Candles and fireplaces are great any time of year, but they really pull their weight when it comes to elevating holiday parties to star status. So don’t skimp! This is an area where you can really get creative. And if you’re lacking in that department, Pinterest is your friend. Just remember to put your guests first, kick up the holiday decor, and shine like the diva you are. Then become the sissy maid you dream of hiring the morning after, haha!

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