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Shrinking Mistress AlexisI am in the mood to weave one of my shrinking spells! All I need is an unsuspecting member of the male population. Luckily, that won’t be hard to find. You men are so cute when you’re out and about because that is when you most desire to show off for a beautiful lady. The only drawback is that the lady just might have one thing on her mind…and that’s shrinking you down.

You’ve stepped right into my shrinking trap…

Oh, you’ve gone and done it now. Saying, “Well hello there.” just might have been the biggest mistake you made today. You are definitely shrinking down material. I can tell from those broad shoulders and the way you tower over me, but that is all going to change.

It’s a hot day so naturally I’m going to offer you a sip of my water. Little do you know it’s really a shrinking potion, but shrinking you will be a delayed effect. That will give us plenty of time to walk back to my apartment with your hand on my ass as you smile confident that you have me all figured out after ten minutes.

Welcome home, tiny man…

I can just picture this going into my shrinking Mistress diary. It was a day to remember. The tiny clothes were already laid out for you when we walked through the door and you remarked upon how cute they were. Little did you know they were for you. At least you’ll be stylish for a tiny little man. I can’t wait to show you off to my girlfriends and make you perform for their amusement. *wicked laugh*


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

Let my wickedness compel you to click here NOW.