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Quickstart Guide

Mistress Alexis version 2.0 (UPGRADE)

Hello and welcome to the official quickstart guide for my virtual dungeon. It would only be appropriate to start by saying thank you. Because of your love and devotion my stable has gradually moved upward from humble beginnings to a sprawling subby enclosure. Due to this fact, it can be very easy for one Mistress to be quickly overwhelmed.

When a product is in demand, more of it can be manufactured, but when a Mistress is in demand, there is but one and organization is the only answer. Believe it or not, chaos is the enemy of fun (I’ve organized enough political luncheons to know!) and thus a bit of organization is needed to keep everybody happy. In return for your continued support, I pledge to keep bringing you amazing audios, incredible broadcasts, and all the wicked mischief you love so well.

The best way to reach me is of course to give me a call (when I am available) at 800-601-6975. To view my schedule of availability for calls: Click here


Life is full of twists, turns and exciting surprises. Perhaps you’ve something you need to get off your chest or just something exciting you would like to share with me. In these cases, please send an e-mail to and I will respond as quickly as time will allow.

Blog Comments:

I love, love, love blog comments! They are another great way to get in touch with me as I DO respond to my comments. The more thoughtful, the better so make it a good one to really impress me. The comment can be on ANY post current or otherwise. I just can’t WAIT to see what you have to say.

Live Help Desk:

If none of these options are right for you, or you would like assistance in finding a Ms who might be a better fit, please speak with a cock concierge at

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