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pantyhose fetish phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Before there was the age old debate of Ginger versus Mary Anne, there was and has been another question that has plagued bar rooms and man caves for decades. Which is hotter on a woman’s legs; pantyhose or stockings? Let’s just cut right to the chase and accept the fact that there is no one right answer. Every guy has different tastes. To each his own fetish after all. They’re both sexy in their own way. It’s just a matter of what erotic image the wearer wants to portray with their selection.

Comparing pantyhose to stockings

They’re both made of silky, yummy nylon. I’m sure you’ve heard the sound they make when they rub together, especially when she crosses her legs seductively. They come in so many levels of sheen and sheerness. I believe the former is where the pantyhose really shines because of the way it highlights the curve of the ass. And if you catch a skirt blowing up at just the right moment, that’s when the pantyhose lovers will really get their due.

That isn’t to say stockings are second best. They too can be exciting when you catch that glimpse of the very top as it peeks out from under a skirt. Sometimes they are trimmed with lace. Other times they are plain woven but still eye catching. And they just have that way of framing the upper thighs. It’s the kind of thing that easily makes making love to feet and stockings such a deeply profound activity.

My personal pick for nylons

Though I could go both ways when wearing them, I tend to lean toward sexy, silky stockings. Pantyhose do have their place, however. Nothing makes me gush like a man ripping away my pantyhose to get to the prize inside. But in my day to day life, it’s the stockings that make the grade every time. Of course, the real question remains. Do you prefer to see me in pantyhose or stockings and why? And if you like to wear them, what’s your pick?

I can’t wait to read your responses in the comments section below!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex