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Panty sniffing fetish phonesex with Ms Alexis 800-601-6975We all have different gifts and abilities. Some of us are born with extraordinary talents. In your case, you’ve got an incredible gift of smell that goes beyond being able to tell when dinner’s ready. You’ve got a super-sense that allows you to detect the presence of a woman within fifty feet just by the scent of her panties. It’s pretty amazing, and sometimes you even feel the need to brag about your panty sniffing abilities, but a gentleman always keeps it to himself.

Good thing you’re not a gentleman

The scenario plays out in a similar fashion each time. You’re minding your own business at your desk just working away until the faint scent of cotton floats past your nostrils. It’s almost as if she’s right there in front of you with her legs spread, begging you to take a taste. Ten seconds later, the culprit walks past your door, completely unaware of what just took place.

Panty sniffing for clues

You’re getting good though. Over time you’ve learned which scents belong to which ladies at the office. It’s become more and more of a game to you. You’ve even started to learn when they’re excited or aroused just by breathing in. But now you’ve been issued a challenge. A single pair of panties tucked away in your drawer. Somebody knows, and something tells you that she’s the smothering type.

Let the hunt begin…

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex