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Orgasm Denial: Too Good for an Orgasm

Orgasm Denial Phonesex with Ms Alexis 800-601-6975EVERY man that I interact with sexually undergoes an evaluation. During that time, I determine his worthiness for orgasmic satisfaction. Some might say that orgasm denial is purely for punishment. I disagree. On the contrary, some men are actually too good for an orgasm. Oh yes. The bounds of orgasm control extend beyond the simple tenets of guided masturbation activities. Sometimes you just have to keep a good thing going, even if it takes all night.

Making you wait is fun for us both

Of course I enjoy a good orgasm. In fact, I enjoy several. So you can certainly understand my motivation for wanting to keep a cock that has proven its worth as hard as I can for as long as possible. This is when I like to harness the wonders of erotic sexual denial to my benefit. But let’s face it. During that time when your cock is raging and you feel yourself nearing the ultimate climax, that is when the intensity of the moment is at its peak. My goal is to get you to ride that wave again and again.

Orgasm denial in many ways

Then when you’re plunging into me once again amidst those groans of pleasure, and your eyes are rolling back into your head, that is when you’ll start to plead. You’ll beg me to cum, not because it makes you servile, but because there really is something so hot about not knowing if or when I’ll say yes. I could give in, only to pull away at that crucial second, leaving your cock dangling and confused. Yes, there are indeed many paths to denying the male orgasm, and I know every single one. Do you?

8 comments to Orgasm Denial: Too Good for an Orgasm

  • Mistress Amber

    The men that call us don’t realize that we are instantly determining what we are going to do with their orgasm the moment that we start talking to them. Well, sometimes I just pull out the ole’ 8-Ball and just don’t tell them! You never know, bitches!

  • Very hot Ms. Alexis. I know what you mean. I enjoy making a hard cock last and last! The feeling of riding a throbbing cock is so awesome! Of course keeping him hard for as long as possible will prolong the pleasure. Once the orgasm happens, all pleasure ceases. Men need to enjoy the prolonged sensation of being on the edge.

  • Ah yes the torture of the tease is it’s own excruciatingly ecstasy in itself -especially when you are being tantalized and tormented by the amazing Ms. Alexis. A regular orgasm isn’t even needed to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Who knows if you will be lucky enough and awarded one? Or even for that matter, if you could even handle both her tempting teases AND an orgasmic release? Guess you’ll have to wait and see what Ms. Alexis has in store for you!

  • peterteasetoy

    Why do I get the feeling GoDDDess Alexis that, after I spending the night giving you several orgasms, I still won’t end up having one myself!

    btw – I am to mention that I am completing the 7th Anniversary Assignment that Miss Violet *squirm* gave me.

    • Alexis

      I guess you could say you just have that natural penis intuition, haha! And as for your anniversary assignment, kudos to you. As if any of us expected you not to come through. That would be the day indeed.

      • peterteasetoy

        Well, *squirm* I suppose that at least one of us will be getting to feel orgasmic pleasure! *adjusts erection*

        Why thank you, GoDDDess Alexis!

  • Alice

    Am I a good cock suckrr?
    Am I pretty?
    I prefer d cup , you wantJj


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