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Masturbation with Maximum Effort

My Masturbation Junkie: A small part of me wanted to save this for my news and updates but I’m just TOO excited to wait so I’ll just spill the beans. It looks like I have a new jackoff-boy! What’s so special about my mega masturbation slut? He can cum… a LOT. I know what you’re thinking. He just has a lot of messy ejaculate flowing from his balls when he cums, but nope, that ain’t it.

Every Masturbatrix’s fantasy…

He is a true masturbation marvel, a master of multiple male orgasms. Last time, he came twelve times in just under twenty-five minutes! I can’t even begin to tell you how it feels as a Goddess masturbatrix to have a guy jack it for me to that degree. It makes me wet beyond belief as he showers me with his strokes of devotion.

Even jackoff sluts have limits…

Or do they? He certainly thinks he does. I guess I’ll have to put him to the test and find out. He claims his record is twenty-one times in one session. Looks like he’ll have to do twenty-two for me. What can I say? I LOVE my new jackoff-boy and I love turning him out! *wink*

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

9 comments to Masturbation with Maximum Effort

  • Mistress Amber

    Twelve times in twenty-five minutes? Aren’t jackoff boys fun to play with? I love it. Stroke sluts are positively helpless against dominant women already. When you figure in their weakness where mind-bending pleasure is concerned, I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep that to myself, either. Enjoy your new toy, Miss Alexis. Make sure he stays hydrated!

  • WOW! That is incredible beyond words Ms. Alexis. I love how you are able to get your slave to cum 12 times in a row. I would have loved to have seen that on cam. He must have been exhausted after he was finished. Absolutely wonderful Job!!

  • You can’t be serious! That’s so impressive! Does he jack off for You on webcam, or is it simply obvious from the moans and groans of desperate pleasure that he really is blowing his load? You should see whether or not he’ll jack it on webcam for You, if for no other reason than to satisfy My curiosity as to whether or not after that many orgasms, nothing comes out but a puff of dust! lol

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I haven’t been able to get upin 10 years until yesterday .Woke up with morning wood 4 3/4 inches measured it. Today first time i pulled jack in years came .Made a video

  • Sissy April Nicole

    All of you women here are totally amazing.You could make a dead man cum. I think i have gotten past some very difficult realities with to past women .I loved BEING A CD MILF and exploring sissy world but having trouble finding a strap-on mistress or strap on girl friend and having to work long hours as a man is starting to bring out the wolf and dog in me!

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