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Male Chastity: Training the Virgin Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Training with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I often sit and take the time to reflect on how male chastity affects men. The key word there being men. What truly makes a man? Is it simply reaching some pre-determined age threshold? Is it his actions and his character? Is it the size of his penis that defines him? All of these characteristics must be taken into account when reviewing one’s worthiness of that most coveted title. Above all though, it is discipline which ultimately makes a man worthy of himself AND my attention.

Male chastity and self-discipline are married

If you’re going to be a good chastity slave, then self-control is at the forefront of necessity. Of course it is a journey. There are many times you will be tempted and other times you will falter and give in to those base urges. As long as you can recognize each of these markers, then your Mistress will most likely be willing to forgive or at  the very least allow you to make it up to her in some way.

Self-control is difficult for humans in general, but what about the male virgin? Is it easier for him because he has never indulged in the pleasures of the female flesh, or is it more difficult because his need for gratification is more frequent and stronger with age?

Is the male virgin better suited to chastity training?

I do harbor a special fondness for my virgin long-term male chastity slaves. They’re so much more open and willing to learn. And when it comes to teaching  them just how to please a woman in other ways, they apply themselves rather vigorously to the coursework, and I tend to respond rather loudly in return. So if you are reading this and count yourself among the among the virgin secret society, then perhaps it is time for you to give in to the higher calling of seeking a Mistress to serve. If your nether parts are going unclaimed, then devoting them to one such as myself could be just the thing to elevate your status.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

5 comments to Male Chastity: Training the Virgin Male Chastity Slave

  • tiny tim

    Hi Goddess Alexis, Just think how much fun it would be to constantly tease a male virgin who is locked in chastity. Chastity is made for male virgin’s especially the older ones who are likely to always be a virgin.

  • Petey cream puff

    After much thought I think I need this done to me. Your right Ms Alexis I don’t have a girlfriend as I’m to much a cream puff. What real girl would go out with a sissy like me who likes to wear women’s clothes/dresses/bras/panties/makeup/
    lipstick/yoga pants/leggings/women’s turtleneck sweaters/silk blouses? No one. Honestly being locked up gives me chance to be owned buy hot women like you & the other mistresses licking my 2-3’ clitty up and be under your control forever. Would I get release to get off after being locked up? Also I would be dressed as your cream puff girl wouldn’t I?

  • Ty

    Wow. Goddess Alexis. Would you really lock a virgin up in a chastity device? Was wondering if you believe in permanent chastity? Some males are better off in chastity because they can never please a women.It just seems once locked a male can be enslaved. Though beautiful people and elites deserve to be served.

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