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Male Chastity Prove Your Devotion

Femdom MistressHello chastity-pet,

Have you been a good boy this week? I always look forward to your reports on life behind bars in your male chastity device. The world must look so different through your eyes. After all, you willingly sacrifice so much to please your Mistress on a regular basis. While most men get to blow their loads daily, you have chosen to travel a disciplined, more noble path. I just want you to know how much it pleases me to watch your evolution and know that I had a hand in it.

Stroking instructions for male chastity…

Though there is great fun in keeping my men locked up, every chastity-slave is different. Some experience time out of their cages on a regular basis. Others are locked down nice and tight every day with zero hope of their cocks ever seeing the light of day. Constant lockdown is the dream of many chastity-slaves in the way an Olympic gold medal is the motivation for many athletes. It is not for the faint of heart, and it requires intense training and sheer devotion if one is to accomplish this lifestyle feat.

It’s not unusual to allow removal of the cage for occasional edgeplay and fulfillment of stroking instructions. In a way it is a reminder that the male’s sexual spirit is still very much alive, despite the lack of use of one’s cock. The ability to “stroke it and put it away” is a personal testament to how far one has come on his journey of self-discipline.

Ways to stay devoted to your Mistress…

The definite way to stay devoted to your Mistress is to look at her pictures. Gazing at her photos on a regular basis will give you the opportunity to acknowledge her strength and power. These are both things you will need if you are to progress on your journey.  Another way is to reach out to her and share your thoughts via e-mail. She will want to know of your progress as well as your shortcomings so that she can aid you in getting back on track. The key to chastity is remembering that Mistress is truly in control. Hold onto this principle and it will make things that much easier to handle.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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12 comments to Male Chastity Prove Your Devotion

  • Ms. Alexis, you sure know how to keep your pets teased and frustrated!

    Male chastity is such a compliment to a Mistress, isn’t it? I feel endlessly flattered when my pets honor me by beginning another long bout of denial and chastity. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline, and I appreciate their dedication and effort. Chastity isn’t easy, but it’s worth it if you want to keep Mistress happy.

    • Alexis

      I think there is a certain beauty in all kink, but when it comes to male chastity, there is something about watching a slave go the distance that is invigorating and moving as well. I know I certainly can’t get enough.

  • ownedbyAlexis

    Yes Goddess, I have been a good boy. At least I think I have been. My devotion to You remains strong. This is the first full week of my being locked down with my new metal cage. Adjusting to life enclosed in steel as You keep me now is different then being encased in plastic. Much like moving from the old place to a new home, I had to make myself comfortable. Now I am very comfortable. You, my Gorgeous Mistress, did play a large role in making that move possible, Thank You.

    • Alexis

      The adjustment period has been a process, but Mistress has been pleased with your progress. Your efforts to be a good slave boy have not gone unnoticed.

  • Petra

    Ms Melanie put me in chastity on our very first date. She caught me in Victoria’s Secret. I was wearing yoga pants, ankle boots, her bra under my long sleave button down shirt. I was in perfume section trying on perfumes, lotions, blushes, lipsticks. I was so into this I didn’t notice her coming in. She asked me why I was in here and I told her I was shipping for her. She giggled and said I look so cute and adorable with blush and lipstick on and smell pretty with lotion/perfume. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice yoga pants with ankle boots nor me wearing bra but she did. She said why would be shopping for her with makeup/lipstick/perfume/blush on. I tried to explain but she giggled and took me to dressing room.she said your wearing my bra. I told in bit but she could see it through my shirt. She then made me strip down to bra/panty and said I look so cute and adorable. She told me the additives are working as I had hairless,soft smooth petite body and my breasts grew to c cups I told her my breasts were hurting really bad but once I put bra on oain went away. She then took me out of dressing room to show me off. I was scared but all the ladies saw me in bra/panty and giggled at me as I had makeup/lipstick on. They said they wanted to do this to their boy friends and she said she’s going to keep me like this and they should do that. She then had me wear a size 6 sheath. Then she started kissing me and got me off in tote bag she had chastity and she then put it on me and said key will be around her neck with no release planned for long time. I told her I’m sorry as I confessed that I wore her clothes/bras and got off wearing them. That only added to my extended chastity and she said I’ll be wearing women’s clothes/dresses and in makeup all the time. I said I want to get off but that’s nothing to happen anytime soon.:(

  • Petra

    I can’t do anything:( every time I whine she said I start to sound like a girl. She said it’s my punishment for wearing her clothes and getting off. MsMelanie said if I wanted to wear women’s clothes/bra/panties I should’ve asked. I can’t do anything now. I’m her chastity sissy. She said she has no intention of unlocking me or letting me go as she has her nails firmly bug into me. She said I look cute and adorable with petite, hairless body, press on French manicure and perky c cup breasts and said there no chance of me ever going back to having my body back:(

  • Va Va VOOM! Ms. Alexis! I would get locked up in chastity for you! Sheesh! I love your amazing mind, your gorgeous body and how in control you are! I would never submit to a man, but to you? I think that could be arranged? Hehe! I love your pics! What is the typical length of time you keep a subbie in chastity? Inquiring minds want to know! đŸ˜‰

    • Alexis

      Thank you for the compliments! I do so love keeping men in chastity. It certainly makes them appreciate all the little things more. As for the length of time in chastity, it varies, but I have pets who have gone up to six months straight without unlocking. Everyone’s mileage will vary though.

  • Chuck

    Mistress Alexis, I just came across your blog and absolutely love everything about it! I’ve been trying to eat my cum for so long now and haven’t been able to… I always lose the urge and pretty much take my orgasms for granted since I do it so often and feel like I waste so much time. I’m starting to think getting a mistress and becoming locked up would be a good thing.

    • Alexis

      Hello Chuck. The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. Being locked up really isn’t so bad. If anything, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the times when Mistress allows Her property a bit of freedom for edging. As long as the want is there I’m sure you’ll do well.

  • I would like to be locked up by You too, my Queen

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