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Male Chastity Phonesex MistressI’m a really big fan of male chastity. Why? That’s simple. Most men don’t know how to control their dicks and being in chastity is a good way to do that for them. I get calls for this fetish quite frequently and those calls are made for various reasons.

So many reasons to lock up your cock

One reason men call me for male chastity fantasies is that they are just curious about it. They seem to think it’s all fun and games (well, it IS for me) and once they are all locked up, they almost always immediately regret it when they find out that they are one hundred percent under my control. But there ARE the guys who are surprised to find out that they like being controlled.

In addition to the guys who are surprised that they like to be under a woman’s control, there are the ones who are already well aware of their need to be controlled. They call me knowing full well that they are going to be giving up all of their control to me and they like it. They crave it. They need it.

Come to me for male chastity…

There are men out there, though, that need male chastity and they don’t even realize it. Those men are the ones who have an addiction to masturbation. If you’re not sure you have that particular addiction, listen up. Do you find yourself masturbating as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed, even if you have a girlfriend or wife? Do you sometimes find yourself in the bathroom watching porn on your phone even though your wife is in the next room? Do you go into the bathroom and jerk off at work every day?

If you answered yes to those, then I am talking to you and you are in dire need of male chastity. Call me and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. As you can see, the reasons why I love male chastity are plenty, but my favorite is, of course, your devotion.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex