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In Need of Cuckold

Alexis Phonesex Big Natural BreastsNow that isn’t a statement you hear every day. How many women would claim to need a cuckold? Not many that I can think of. Some of us just have cuckolds foisted upon us out of the blue and that’s just fine. My first cuckold scenario was like that.

We met while I was out on a shopping trip. He offered to pay for my things. I was flattered but I declined. He insisted. I gave in. The rest is history. I didn’t even know what type of cuckold he was at the time.

Missing my personal cuckold…

That was several years ago and life has since brought distance between us. That doesn’t mean he is not missed. I loved our little shopping trips while he was locked away in his cock cage. It was fun to try on sexy outfits, knowing that the more I pushed the more he wanted to ravage me…but couldn’t.

It’s fun having all of the power in the room. Getting my cuckold so turned on to the point of insanity. Who wouldn’t want to be adored like that? To be spoiled like that? Well I do. I’m wondering how many cuckolds out there are finding themselves in need of a Mistress to fill the void in their kinky world.

Every cuckold needs a hotwife…

You are no exception. I bet you’re getting all tingly as you read this. I’m doing the same as I write each word. My ideal cuckold would be open-minded with deep pockets. Someone who could deal with me laughing at his inadequacies while being satisfied by my big, beefy bullstud on a regular basis. If that’s you, then I think we just might be due to connect on a call. I get so wet just thinking about it.


The hotwife of your deepest fantasies, Alexis

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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11 comments to In Need of Cuckold

  • It is difficult to find the cuckold who will come out of that closet Ms Alexis. It is a hard road finding the one who will engage you in a cuckold relationship. It’s wonderful that you have found them in the past, as it too happened to me in the past and present if I wanted to bring it up with Matt. Right now I’m happy with him in chastity, we will see where the road brings us!

    • Alexis

      Those cuckolds do like to hide down deep in there, don’t they? I’ll never stop hunting though. It’s too much fun when they pop up on ya.

  • jmmy

    still now you are looking wet dear

  • Mike

    I still think of “cuckold” as more “extreme” than I am. I think of the first time I even heard the term – and thought “wow, is that real? Do people really do that”? But if I back off a bit I think of all the times I have myself been around sexy women who I adored but who I was not in a “full relationship” with. It was not allowed/invited or whatever. I became “the friend” and often felt a little like I imagine a girlfriend might feel. I would sort of wince when a girl would talk about her lover. It takes a long time to get that it will not be you. When girls talk about their admiration for and attraction to endowed guys – it cuts to the bone. You feel just quiet. You know on a very basic yet fundamental level she wants something you are not or do not have. It’s horrible! But in a weird way it’s also exciting (that feeling is secondary). I think in some way just hearing about her pleasure and excitement sort of replace the dream of actually being a more direct part of it.

    • Alexis

      True, a cuckold often feels undercut by the words of the woman he adores. But it’s that same feeling of envy that can translate into the most pleasurable feelings down the line.

      • jim

        I think this is a fascinating thing. I also feel like it is a “thing” partly of acceptance.
        It’s like putting it all “on the table”. I think as a really young guy it takes awhile to accept.
        And, I think generally, if you are not satisfying to a woman – well, she breaks up with you.ou I realize
        that part of what is attractive about the cuckold scenario (regardless of the degree of it) is that
        she does not break up with you – at least not entirely. You get to “stay around” at least to an extent.
        Even though I did not even know the term “cuckold” then – as a younger guy I realize I frequently had a female friend who I did not (or who would not) date me – but I was a “friend”. Girls would talk to me about how much they adored their boyfriends. It’s like a nightmare and a thrill all in one. I think the whole thing is acknowledging a truth that you both know. You cannot exactly go up to a female and say “I feel like a little girl inside my boxers but I really like you a ton and want to be connected”.

  • jmmy

    hey I ask you something Alexis ??? your breast is to sweet. you made big . but I like and feel to suck and press vary hardly…

  • Ms Alexis, I do have to admit that men and some women change for the better over time during their sex life. And when this happens especially for women it proves that most men find it a stretch to keep a women contend this is why cuckoldry is needed.

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