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High Heels FetishGiven one of the awesome birthday gifts I received, I felt inspired to pen this account of their use thus far. I am speaking of the very cool strappy heels that arrived after a visit to my Amazon wishlist by one of our dearest Enchantrix Empire members. He knows exactly who he is *blows a kiss*. It was a sexy pair of high heels, and they looked pretty damn amazing with the new halter dress I treated myself to thanks to another generous gift from one of my girlfriends.

If the shoe fits, rule the world

Now, it’s actually rare that a pair of shoes fits well right out of the box, but apparently the Cinderella effect came standard with these. After pulling up the zippers, I slowly stood up for the pre-launch strut. I could actually feel myself growing as I stood up on these things. Of course I’m no stranger to heels, but every pair is a different experience depending on the slope and heel thickness, etc.

In a word, I felt powerful. I knew that any man who laid eyes on my feet in these bitches would be instantly overcome by a sudden need to fall to his knees and lick, massage, and cradle. And that’s exactly what my cuckold did, but since he’s a tad biased, I decided to test the theory elsewhere. After getting all dressed up, I had cuckie chauffeur me to the very posh Sushi Nobu. I made sure to be seated alone on the patio facing inward toward the restaurant so that it would be very easy to command the most attention. It was the beginnings of a foot fetish for many that night to be sure.

A Femdom in High Heels means power

I sat with my legs crossed, occasionally flexing my foot to allow the lacquer on my nails to catch the last glinting lights of the setting sun. Just one of many things to do with a sexy pair of legs. I could already feel several pairs of eyes looking my way, wondering who I was and why the hell I was eating alone.

After finishing my first plate, I decided a powdering of the nose was in order. So I stood, always slowly and with the grace of a swan. I had the door opened for me by my server who was floored by the way I exceeded him in height. Then I proceeded to saunter down the center aisle of the restaurant. That was the moment I knew I had my pick of any man in the place. He wouldn’t be staying over tonight, and his date would just have to understand.

Is there more to this tale? You bet there is. Come back soon to find out more.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex