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High Heels Fetish MistressLegs were made to be worshiped. High heels just make it easier. You go weak when you see them. Pumps are essentially to a woman’s feet what a crown does for the head. It transforms an ordinary woman into a divine being, and you can’t help but basically cower in her presence. You would give anything to worship at her feet.

High heels do more than look good…

They SOUND good. Remember what I said about sexy shoes being the crown of the foot? Well the sounds of heels hitting the pavement, or the hardwood, or any other delightfully resistant surfaces you can think of, are like trumpets blaring, announcing the arrival of royalty itself. Whether it’s a “click” or a “clomp”, those soundwaves are like music to your ears because you can’t wait to see what’s coming around the corner.

A confident woman walks with rhythm and balance. It turns on that masculine hunter’s instinct at once, and makes a man crazy. Just ask me how I know this. From the alpha male on down, no cock is safe once I show up. You think you could handle me in real-life? You can barely handle my picture. Think again!

The right shoe can make a woman all-powerful…

How else do you explain your inability to fight back when she’s got you on the floor, pinned beneath her heel? Your hands may be gripping that ankle, but all you can do is squirm and plead. You don’t want your freedom. You want to massage those delicate yet powerful calves.

You want to get on your knees and kiss every inch of those feet after yanking off her sexy stilletos. Have you ever seen a woman cum just from you licking her beautiful feet. Something tells me you are about to.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex