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High Heels Fetish: Date with an Amazon II

Femdom in High Heels Ms Alexis 800-601-6975It looks like my tale of high heels and hotness got you curious enough to come back. That’s good because there is certainly more to tell. I mentioned having my pick of any man in the place. It was a tough choice but in the end I spotted the perfect catch. Oh, it’s probably not what you think. Sure there were lots of guys there one might describe as tall, dark, and handsome. That wasn’t my aim this round. No, this time I wanted someone who would be especially attuned to the draw of my sexy legs and feet.

Honing in on a foot worship master

I could just rely on my gut instinct but where’s the fun in that? No. I had a little test in mind. As I was walking past the bar, I locked eyes with mister foot fetish. It only lasted about a half a second before his eyes darted straight to those heels. He must have been looking hard too because he instinctively started to move in for a dive once he saw me start to take a tumble. It was all planned but he didn’t know it. He swooped in just in time to help me balance. Then it was just a matter of chatting him up and inviting him to my table.

I could just feel the envy pouring through the glass from inside the restaurant. They all wanted to know what he had that they didn’t. Their teeth began to grind as I began to play a light game of footsie with my new date. By the close of the meal, he was practically jumping at the chance to get me someplace more private.

Putting my high heels in the air

We made it back to the car where my sweet cuckie was waiting behind the wheel, giddy as ever. I made him remain face-forward, eyes locked on the rearview mirror. That’s when he got treated to a show. My new boy-toy gently removed my high heels, caressed my arches, and kissed every square inch of my feet. His strong hands felt heavenly. And his tongue felt even better. Most men would be surprised to know that there are spots on a woman’s body that can be even more sensitive than the clit, and have an even greater impact if you stroke it just right. And when a man gives my feet the right touch, I’m liable to let him do anything he wants. *RAWR*

So did he get to do anything he wanted? I might kiss and tell but only if you give me a call. *wink*

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

6 comments to High Heels Fetish: Date with an Amazon II

  • tiny tim

    Hi Goddess Alexis, Great post. I do have a high heel and foot fetish. One thing that really intimidates me is a tall women. Being only 5’4 it can be magnified with a tall women. If she wears heels that could mean she is over a foot taller. This really brings out my submissive side.

    • Alexis

      Thanks for sharing that little tidbit about yourself tiny tim. Remind me to mention my nail polish color the next time we do a call together. Rawr.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Ooouuu thanks Mistress i always check women’s high heels 👠 but maybe for reasons like maybe i will buy a pair like that .

  • Empress Rayne

    Sounds like you had fun tackling and teasing your prey, Ms Alexis. I agree that there are spots on the foot that can be more pleasing than any other erogenous zone. Such fun to hear that your loyal cuckie was waiting to chauffer you two to…ecstasy?

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