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Fetish Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Alexis has emerged from the depths not only to speak in the third person, but to let all of you know that it is party time once again. Some people loathe having a December birthday because it means having to share quite a bit of attention with the rest of the holiday festivities. I think it’s just dandy. People are already generally in a good mood. They’ve moved their party wear to the front of the closet. What’s one more excuse to booze and sway right? Just a little disclaimer: you never need an excuse to drink and boogie with me, haha!

The queen is very amused

Just last night, sissy cum lips came skulking around. Twas a lovely surprise indeed! He was subjected to the usual amount of degradation and humiliation as he proved once again that he is merely a bitch for dick. Who wouldn’t be with me doing the feeding? He was also formally introduced to the lovely Ms KayMarie, and believe me, we both had a few good laughs at the expense of my favorite little whore.

This happy birthday is just getting started

Just in case any of you are wondering why I may be taking calls on my birthday, that’s such an easy one to answer. For one thing I like chatting with my phone darlings. That way I get to hear your birthday wishes live. Second, I did a great deal of partying over the weekend, though I am far from worn out. That was just the warm-up. I’m looking forward to an entire week of festivities at least. So stroke off and toss one back in my honor because for this Queen 2018 is in the bag.

Sexy, glamourous, always,


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex