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Giantess MistressThere are a lot of guys who dig the whole giantess culture. This post is definitely for them. Particularly the men who are intrigued by the idea of being shrunken down to size. There are lots of reasons why I might choose to shrink you down. It all depends on whether I’m feeling playful, or naughty, or out and out wicked. All I know is that when you are just a tiny speck, the power is ALL mine.

Behold the all-powerful giantess…

I like most of the men I shrink down to be no bigger than three inches tall. And that’s about the only time you will hear me say that I like three inches *wink*. It’s so much easier to pick them up and place them between my giant breasts that way. Then I can smile as we go on little excursions together.

The giantess likes to share…

At the island bazaar, there will be plenty of other giantess women to behold. All of them scantily clad in their island high-fashion. That usually means very little will be left to the imagination. Lucky you. It also means they will be ooing and ahhing over my little treasure and will no doubt be clamoring over who gets to hold you next.

The problem? Giant women can be VERY catty. You may think the idea of a giantess catfight is sexy, but just wait until you get caught in the middle. It will be anything but cute.

Come away with me to Giantess Island and watch your fantasies come true. Give me a call and let’s play!


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex