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Alexis Giantess MistressUh oh, now you’ve gone and done it. What started out as an innocent expedition into the lair of the giantess has turned out to be a rather dangerous event. You probably expected to be stunned by breathtaking views of giant furniture, to catch a wild breeze as you hung from the curtains. Maybe you even planned to feast on the towering fruits in her magnificent kitchen. What you didn’t count on was the mistress of the house being at home.

The giantess hunter loses the upper hand

How could you have made such a miscalculation? You’re a master of tracking and exploration. How could you have been caught unawares, and by a giant woman no less? Double uh oh. She doesn’t seem too friendly. You find yourself in such awe of not only her beauty, but her ability to move with such stealth at her size. She seizes the opportunity to snatch you up.

Your feet are dangling as you hover in mid-air, supported only by the grip of her mighty fingers. “This could be the end,” you think to yourself. Her eyes narrow at first as she analyzes your tiny being then widen at the discovery of your adorableness. Her mouth emits a high-pitch squeak that’s murder on your ears at this proximity, but you brace yourself and hang on for the ride.

Giant women are playful and cunning

The giantess scurries to her bedroom with you held tight to her chest. You hardly have a moment to process the act of her letting you fall to your doom. Only it’s not as bad as you think. Instead of smacking against the hard floor you end up pressed against something quite soft and elastic in nature. Despite your efforts to climb out, you feel the hand of the island giantess pushing you down deeper until you are wedged between two large, firm yet pillowy entities.

Could this be your new panty prison? Will you be kept here forever? Only the Giantess knows…


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex