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Mistress Alexis Giantess Phonesex 800-601-6975Have you already experienced the best giantess phonesex call of your life? You might be right about that, but I bet there’s still room for some improvement. Men who like to indulge in the giantess fetish are actually really cool because they get to answer questions like: What’s the tallest woman you’ve ever been with? They might say 5 foot 7 but in the back of their mind they know it’s more between the range of 37 to 50 feet. And despite their miniature stature, most tiny men want nothing more than to please their goddesses.

What a tiny man wants most

Enlightened women know that deep down that’s all any guy really wants, but when he’s only a few inches tall, let’s face it, he’s really got his work cut out for him. Just imagine this. You’re a miniscule male standing before a woman who basically gets off by riding skyscrapers for fun. Does that mean it’s impossible to make her happy? Absolutely not! It just means you’ve got to put some effort and creative thinking into it. I love being a giantess for this very reason! It’s fun to train tiny men to do my bidding.

Many ways to make a giantess smile

Here’s a list of things that giantess women actually enjoy: Foot massages (especially between the toes), body worship (think highly sensitive areas like nipples, earlobes, and other places that men her size might forget about or overlook), and being fed tasty delights. And if you’re ever stumped, just ask: “How may I please you, goddess?” Of course the trick there is to listen to what she’s telling you. Otherwise you just might find yourself stomped on and crushed like a tiny bug. Not very good for morale, huh?

I hope this mini-guide helps you on your quest to being a better giantess-lover. Be sure to share your own tips and ideas in the comments below.



Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex