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Feminization Training by Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975It may come as a bit of a shock to see the words Football Sunday and sissy in the same sentence. I mean, why would they be? What interest can a game of football possibly hold for someone with panties on the brain 24/7? As you might have surmised, I actually have an answer to that.

Tight, tight uniforms

This one might have been obvious to you, but when it comes to football, very few sissies are actually interested in the plays. It’s all about being glued to the set for a glimpse of those incredible bodies packed into deliciously tight, aerodynamically sound uniforms. Those gridiron gods aren’t just athletic wonders, they are engineering marvels. How can you not appreciate the aesthetic qualities of these men in peak condition?

Sissy sideline chants

The secondary draw, but no less important, is the all-important cheering section. No, I’m not talking about the fans in the stands. I’m talking about those cheerleaders. The only thing a true sissy will get more excited for is the moment they cut away from that view of the field for a shot of those beaming smiles and those big beautiful pom-pons! I know that some of you are practicing your own cheers right this minute! Some of you even have your own uniforms. I’m looking at YOU Kay-Lee!

Football Sunday alternative

Not everyone is into football. That means some sissy gurls get their kicks in other ways like heading down to the sex shop for a new dildo, usually after seeing those big, beefy bodies in motion. Or maybe they decided to hit the craft store on a rhinestone mission to bedazzle their latest pair of panties. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate the day as long as you have F-U-N doing it.

How do you spend your Sundays during football season? Extra points for being a sissy when you respond. Leave your comments below.