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Feminization: The Beauty of Being a Sissy

I want you to take a moment and think back to the time when you weren’t so girlish. Can you even remember it? I bet it was some time ago. You don’t even miss those yucky male clothes do you? I should certainly hope not. Being a true sissy is a full-time occupation, and now that you’re getting used to going out en femme, it should stay that way. Feminization Training by Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975For many people it can be hard to understand what feminization is truly about. Sometimes it’s tough to put themselves in another’s shoes, especially if those shoes are high heels or shiny mary janes. No matter what level of understanding people have, you should feel free to be any kind of gurl that you like!

Feminization by a Mistress

Sissification is fun no matter what avenue you take, but I can say from experience that it’s always better with a teacher. Of course if you are the type who can manage being self-taught then more power to you. But some sissies just need a little more hand-holding and a lot more input. Sometimes it’s just about fashion trends, other times it’s about how to be more feminine. And other times there’s just the insider information that only a woman can provide about naughty grown-up activities. If you’re curious about how to be a lady and a slut at the same time, then you’ve met the woman who can certainly guide you.

Embracing your girly lifestyle

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to ask yourself if you make the grade. Have you met your own feminization expectations or do think think you’ve fallen short? It’s really never too late to take a deep look inward and seek the answers you’re just dying to know. Here’s a tip: light some candles, dim the lights, and slip into a nice hot sissy bubble bath. The tub is where I do all my best thinking, and maybe it just might help out too.


Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

17 comments to Feminization: The Beauty of Being a Sissy

  • Carla Bridger

    I really think the Younger Gurls have it some what easier .

    There is so much more support today then there was when I came of age so very long ago thinking your all alone and so very different .

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Alexis

      Oh there’s no doubt about that, carla. The important thing though is to embrace the new freedoms that you do have now. Times may have changed but you’re still you inside. So go get em, gurl!

  • Petey cream puff

    This has been part of me for 30 years.. It started when girl on school bus sat next to me and put blush/perfume/lipstick on me the my step mom putting her arms around me under mistle toe giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks/sneaking into her room trying on perfumes/lipsticks/wearing her dresses/bras. 1998 is where I got hooked forever as I was waiting to do laundry I noticed my roommates girlfriends bra and I felt how soft it was and I went into bathroom to try it on along with her lipstick them went up to my room to get off. Since then I’ve bought many dresses/bras/panties/slips/perfumes/lipsticks/lotions/women’s tops/sweaters/leggings/yoga pants/heels/mules/knee high and ankle boots. I’ve spent to much to purge as I love how women’s clothes/dresses look fit and feel on me. As stated before I told my masseuse and she’s supportive of this as she’s measured/fitted me in bra. Now though she said I need to watch what I spend and she’s going to keep eye on me about this which I’m fine with. I love wearing all things women and I’m never going to stop doing this.

  • Michael

    I think this is more a question than a comment. It is psychological but I am not sure psychologists even know and I thought you might have a better sense of it. A couple of times I have had girls “make me” dress up for them. The “make me” is hard to explain. In my right my I know I could refuse or run away or something. But on a few occasions it has felt like I literally could not. I don’t mean that it just felt exciting to comply. It really felt like I had to do what I was asked. The first time this happened it really took me by suprise. A girl just told me she wanted me to. I sort of paused to take in what she was saying (a little shocked) and then she sort of insisted. That is when it was like “lights out”. I find what happened very difficult to explain and describe or understand. Is it that she knew who I was on the inside and tapped into that? I felt taken over. I know she was laughing at me but I still could not stop.

    • Alexis

      Hello Michael,

      It is a widely held belief that women on the whole possess a 6th sense or a greater understanding of a person’s essence. I often exhibit similar powers during my sessions. Perhaps you were a firsthand witness to that special feminine sensitivity.

      • Michael

        I have some sense you are right about that. The women (just 2) who have done this to me I know (or believe I know) do not or did not make other men do it. I wonder still though about the power of it. Is that common – that a male (submissive male?) feels he needs to comply. Is it an inner femininity that the woman senses? When it was done to me it was very powerful in that I could not argue. I find it very hard to explain that as a feeling.

        • Alexis

          A feeling of willful captivity is how I would phrase it. And it might comfort you to know that it’s more common than you might think. It just isn’t spoken about as openly as it should be. Personally, I think it’s wonderful that you’ve shared your thoughts and experiences here so that others may know that their excitement is not an isolated thing.

          • Michael

            I do appreciate your feedback. It is just stuff that is not spoken of much (in my experience). The few occasions I have tried to explain it to anyone I think they think it is just fantasy or fetish. It is hard to explain needing to do what a woman tells you to do. I know there are some women who can make me do things and it does not feel like I have a choice. It is a bit of an odd thing. Maybe it is just being a submissive and people who are not that cannot understand?

  • violet

    Very informative sexy post, ty Ms Alexis !!!

  • Yes,And the beauty of being guided by you,Mistress Alexis is a sissy’s dream.

  • What a great blog Ms Alexis! That’s such a fantastic question to ask because that really IS so important … especially if someone is frustrated at the speed of feminization or unsure of their style/look.

  • Sissy Missy

    My journey started at a young age inspired by the original TV Wonder Woman (as in Lynda Carter); she was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, and I was immediately impressed by the fact that any male was stopped in their tracks whenever she was on the screen in that wonderful costume she wore. Even as a young teen, I noticed the resemblance between Wonder Woman’s outfit and the one-piece swimsuits and leotards my sister had. One day, I had seen her royal blue leotard hanging in the laundry, and I took it to the bathroom, locking the door, and almost immediately orgasmed as I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I was instantly hooked, and in later days, I grabbed one of her purple swimsuits and black leotards. As I got older, I had seen various bodybriefers and body suits owned by my step-mom as well as panties and camisoles; I am sure she wondered why certain items were “missing” or that I was “volunteering” to help her put away the laundry occasionally. Later, I tried to be “normal” but encountered new forms of inspirations: cheerleaders with their short skirts and cheer panties, tennis players, swimsuit models, office secretaries in short skirts. In college, I stayed off-campus to accommodate my emerging alternative lifestyle; Halloweens were like the new Christmas to me, and clothes evolved to wigs and to makeup. In more recent times, I love girlie shopping, and love dressing in lingerie, skirts, swimsuits, and stylish office attaire. I am a legitimate size 10/12, which puts me in the mainstream for places like Macys and Pennys as well as most retail outlets. My heel or boot size is 9. I have a drawer full of panties (20+) and swimsuits (20+) with a few leotards and body briefers for good measure. Living in the *Bible Belt* I am often hungry for sexual release at work being around all the secretaries and interns, and I regularly wear panties or other women’s undergarments under my work clothes.

    • Alexis

      Ahhh, Wonder Woman was an inspiration for SO very many women during the “Carter Administration” haha! And like many sissies, you were not immune to her powers. You even have your very own super suit with cape and especially that sexy shiny leotard. Knowing you, the Silhouettes aren’t far behind.

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