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Just a heads up! I’ve been in the erotic audios lab cooking up something yummy for all the giantess lovers out there. Without giving too much away, it’s about a hot date that goes topsy-turvy. Next thing you know, your gorgeous date is growing out of control! Whatever is a guy to do in that situation? I think you all have a good idea there. Now this particular giantess is only about 20 feet tall so apologies in advance to my 1 inch high guys, but don’t fret. I’m hoping to create a variety of audios suited to every taste in the giantess realm. Whether it’s growing or shrinking or mean or sweet, you’ll each have something to look forward to.

Mistress Alexis Giantess Phonesex 800-601-6975

Sorry to make this post so short. I just wanted to whet your whistles before I head back into the studio. I’ve got a LOT to work on. Hope you like it!