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I play for both teams AND I swing for the fences. So you knew it would only be a matter of time before I got your girlfriend’s attention. Oh don’t worry. I have no intention of leaving you behind. In fact, it would actually be quite a bit of fun keeping you both as my submissive sluts. A matched set is always more fun, but dominating your girlfriend is going to be my latest hobby.

Keeping your girlfriend on a leash

Looks like that humorous old expression has moreĀ  than one connotation. I think she would look absolutely stunning on all fours with next to nothing on, ready and willing to serve me. She won’t be allowed to give you pleasure or perform for you anymore. From now on, you’ll both be on leash and collar. All I have to do is snap my fingers and you will know what I desire.

Serving a Mistress as a couple

Two mouths, four hands, two backs to ride upon. It sounds like I’m making up a creature from myth. It also sounds like the makings of a very sexually intensive afternoon with the two of you licking, massaging, tasting, all with my happiness at the forefront of your minds. Okay, I take it back. Occasionally, you will be allowed to please your newly enslaved girlfriend with your tongue as a reward for her good behavior. You, however, will be locked in a cock cage, edged and milked regularly.

I bet you’re curious to know just how far this goes. We will have much to talk about during our next session.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex