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Alexis Cuckolding PhonesexA good cuckold is a giving cuckold. At the heart of every cuckold slave is the desire to please his hotwife. And he does this by being obedient and mindful of her wishes and desires. It’s the ones who do not understand this who make cuckolding difficult. Those are the ones who get sent to me for training.

Your slutwife demands more from you…

You think you really know your wife? Think again. She obviously feels that you are lacking in certain areas. And I don’t mean in the usual places. I.e. your small penis, your atrocious bedroom technique with your small penis, etc. No, in this case you are probably still shocked by the idea that you are being cuckolded and have not fully embraced the truth of things.

So as punishment you are going on a panty shopping assignment. You are going to shop for the sleaziest, sexiest pair of panties you can find for your wife to wear for her lover. And don’t be cheap either. This is not the time for that. You’re going to be spending a lot of time watching your wife’s backside, so you’d better choose something super HOT.

Cuckolding is most fun when you’re humiliated…

When you’re done choosing the perfect pair of panties for your hotwife, choose a pair for yourself. This is where the cuckold humiliation really begins. Since you’re not going to be using your sad little wee wee anyway, you might as well dress it appropriately. Pick a nice femmy pair of panties. Maybe something in pink satin. And just imagine yourself in those panties on your knees in front of your new Master. You’re going to be the prettiest panty slave in the room that night. And with any luck, you’ll be the best cuckold fluffer too.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex