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Cuckold Training: The Advanced Cuckold

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The beautiful thing about cuckolds is that they come in many flavors. Some are older. Some are younger. Some are weak-willed, and some are surprisingly confident. Some are tall, and some are fat. The key thing they have in common though, is that they understand the pleasure of their hotwife comes first. Whether or not they are totally on-board with outsourcing their duties to another man, the idea of their significant other experiencing ultimate satisfaction is what helps them put all personal feelings aside and accept their place. If you are a confirmed cuckold, then you understand this all too well.

Cuckolds and bullstuds should play well together

Though not every cuckold is a bedroom participant, many of the more advanced cuckolds are. This means they act in the role of fluffer on-demand. For those who don’t know, a fluffer is someone who engages in the act of titillating another person in order to ready them for intercourse. The term fluffer isn’t gender-specific, but in this case we’re talking about you as a cuckold fluffer. In other words, you will give her bullstud a big, fat blowie so you can get turned on while watching your wife with her lover.

Be your best cuckold self

Let’s face it. There’s a lot to be excited about. You know your wife better than anyone and one of the perks of being in a deeply committed relationship is being able to see the parts of each other that no one else gets to see. That means the wildly erotic free spirit she usually keeps hidden away from public view. The sight of her body entwined with his while he pounds away is surely enough to drive you to the brink of orgasm yourself. And if you behave, you might be rewarded with some creampie duty. If you just felt that familiar twitch in your cock, then you might be more of an advanced cuckold than you thought.

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2 comments to Cuckold Training: The Advanced Cuckold

  • You’re right about the many varieties of cuckolding scenes. You know what — that’s part of what makes cuckolding so much fun! As a Mistress, you can get so creative — and sexy, naughty, wicked — it’s super fun. Even when the cuckold “complains” we know he’s having fun!

  • tubesteak

    You always did love the word “bullstud”. Nice seeing You earlier in chat – have missed Ya…

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