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Cuckold Fantasy Phonesex with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Every guy who becomes a cuckold does so at different stages of his life and his relationship. The majority find themselves gaining membership in the cuckold club, long after they and their hotwives have settled down. They start looking for new outlets once wedded bliss starts to take its toll on bedroom activities. There are a few out there who enter the fold much sooner than they anticipated. I like to affectionately refer to these guys as honeymoon cuckolds.

Every cuckold has to start somewhere

I think they’re the most adorable because they’re still so sweet and doe-eyed. They’ve jumped through all the hoops, put the ring on her finger, and next thing you know he’s already a third wheel. That’s because his hotwife honey isn’t going to settle just because she’s a newly minted Mrs. She’s going to start training her hubby to be her submissive manservant and like it.

A cuckold honeymoon is the hottest

The truth of it is that he was always submissive to begin with, otherwise she never would have bothered to snatch him up in the first place. And now that she’s got a legal contract to do as she pleases, you can bet that she’ll start by setting that honeymoon bed ablaze with her lover while he sits in the corner with his mouth hanging open. He’d better be careful though. Too much of that and she’ll find something to stuff it with real quick. Just another thing her cuckold husband might as well get used to.

Have you ever been subjected to a cuckold honeymoon or just fantasized about it? I would love to read your comments on it below!


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