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Chronic Masturbation Phone SexBad habits.

We ALL have them, and they run the gamut from not being able to leave that last piece of pie alone to chain dragging on those cigarettes. They feel so good though. And that is the real problem. Why is it that all the good stuff is so bad for us? Take masturbation for example. The act itself isn’t bad, but a few of you out there have a problem. You’re constantly thinking about it and doing it countless times each day. Again, the problem is not in masturbation but it’s a question of control.

Can you stop the constant masturbation?

If just reading that statement made you want to ball up your fists and cry, then you, my dear, need help. Luckily for you, I make a fantastic fantasy therapist. Let me guide you deeper into your issues so that we can untangle them and sort them out together. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? I’m sure all of that jerking off is wreaking major havoc with your stamina, and therefore making you a major disappointment with the ladies. You do want to be a better man, don’t you? Orgasm edging training could be just what you need.

Calling all candidates for chronic masturbation therapy…

Step into my comfy office, won’t you? I’ll try not to be too distracting what with my breasts half on display and that wicked smile that seems to have a hard time staying put as you relay your problems to me. I can also investigate to see if your issues are compound. You may actually have small penis issues as well. Though we will only truly find out once we get a chance to speak.

Ms Alexis Femdom Phonesex

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