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Symbolism of Male Chastity

Listen to this message regarding male chastity. Whether you agree or not, it doesn’t matter. You’reĀ neverĀ getting out of that cage. *cackle*

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You’re Not a REAL Sissy

The real question, however, is what are you going to do about it? Listen to the audio clip, then leave a response in the comments section below.

Latest Thoughts on Cum Eating

During one of my late night masturbation sessions, I couldn’t stop thinking about the topic of cum eating for some reason. I’m sure you have too. Now would be a great time to listen to this audio:


The Alexis Hardness Scale for Small Penis Size

Not sure if your penis ranks well? I’ve developed a humiliating, but scientific, way to help you determine if you have a small cock or a swoon-worthy meat-sword.


Naughty Sissy Raids the Panty Drawer

A continuation of sorts from my previous post “Totally Caught Crossdressing“. For those who like their women a little meaner. *wink*

You will TAKE IT and LIKE IT