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Sexting this Labor Day Weekend

Holiday weekends are the perfect time for sexting. You get to really stretch out as you escape the doldrums of work at the office. It’s a chance to let your imagination run wild and your arousal reach new heights. There’s only one problem. You’re not alone. Well, not truly alone. Oftentimes vacation means free . . . → Read More: Sexting this Labor Day Weekend

Sexy Chat With an Incredible Woman

How often do you get to say that? When is the last time you truly participated in such an activity? Sexy chat with a sensual, sexy, confident woman can be even more powerful than just the visual of a beautiful woman stripping down to almost nothing.

An intelligent woman knows how to get inside . . . → Read More: Sexy Chat With an Incredible Woman

Alexis: International Sexsation

Are you blokes ready for a bit of sex education?

What’s the difference between American phone sex¬†and phone sex across the pond, or anywhere else for that matter? Truth be told, things can get a bit pricey when making calls overseas. LDW has successfully made it’s mark here in the States by being home . . . → Read More: Alexis: International Sexsation