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Fetish for Manicured Nails

I know you. You’re the guy who has a thing for nail salons. Only you never go in. You’re always just kind of hovering nearby, or maybe you’re sitting in your car just waiting for a glimpse of those freshly manicured nails. You can’t help it. Every time you see long, pretty nails on . . . → Read More: Fetish for Manicured Nails

Domination Phone Sex Treat

Not every call I take is geared toward hardcore domination, but some guys just have all the luck. This time it was panty-boy Jim who got to feel the sting of my cane on his exposed buttocks. I just love the way he was whimpering and simpering the whole time. His cute little thong . . . → Read More: Domination Phone Sex Treat

A Femdom in Total Control

Are you at that place in your life where you might be a male submissive but you’re just not sure? There are easy ways to check for that. The easiest one of all is to ask yourself, “Do I enjoy being dominated?” That is the most critical factor when it comes to arriving at the . . . → Read More: A Femdom in Total Control

Sensual Mistress Not a Softie

One of the biggest problems a submissive faces in trying to establish his identity is exploration. It is a widely-held belief that by being a submissive, one must fit themselves into a very specific box or mold. Your Mistress of choice can be EITHER strict OR sensual domme.

Let me quell your fears on . . . → Read More: Sensual Mistress Not a Softie