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Cuckolding: You, Me, and a BBC

This is a love letter to my cuckold:

Dear pookie,

I just felt the need to take a moment from my busy day to thank you for being who you are. Words cannot express how much I adore our present relationship.

Things have evolved so much since I came into power, and I have . . . → Read More: Cuckolding: You, Me, and a BBC

When is Infidelity Sexy?

When you’re a cuckold, of course! I had to come right out of the gate and say it because it was just too exciting to keep under wraps. I pride myself on being a very open-minded phone sex Mistress. There are very few topics I won’t consider discussing within reason. However, when it comes . . . → Read More: When is Infidelity Sexy?

Adventures in Office Cuckolding

The Office Slut

 You really enjoy being my office slut, don’t you?  I think that more accurately describes your job than personal assistant, wouldn’t you say?  I keep you in my office, naked.  Under my desk, licking and massaging my feet, waiting for my orders.  Well, today, I’ve got a special surprise for you.  . . . → Read More: Adventures in Office Cuckolding

What Makes Humiliation Erotic?

Humiliation Can Be Fun

Let’s face it, some of you are humiliation sluts. You enjoy it when I call you names, or tell you just how useless you are to me. And while that can be fun, it leaves me in quite a bind. I mean the question is why would I play with . . . → Read More: What Makes Humiliation Erotic?

Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies

Mistress Alexis here with another installment of the Great-American-Sex-Blog. If you are one of my loyal readers, then you already know that Among other things, I am still the foremost authority when it comes to cuckold phone sex. If not, then hopefully this will be the article that changes your mind and converts you to . . . → Read More: Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies