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Cock and Ball Torment: Porn Addiction Punishment

I think it’s time for some cock and ball torment.

What? You thought I wouldn’t find out about your secret porn addiction, but you have severely underestimated me. I saw all of the things you’ve been looking at and you have been looking at some pretty dirty stuff. I don’t know that I will ever . . . → Read More: Cock and Ball Torment: Porn Addiction Punishment

Mistress, Dominate Me!

How do you normally sit when you are talking on the phone? I’ll bet it’s upright in a relatively comfy chair, perhaps with your leg crossed, ankle-to-knee. But do you know how to sit properly when you are on the phone with me? No? Well let me help you with that…

On your knees, . . . → Read More: Mistress, Dominate Me!

Balls Have Feelings Too

It’s a good thing they do because otherwise I might not enjoy kneeing you in the crotch nearly as much as I would otherwise. Though many assume I am a sugary sweetheart, I walk the line between being a sensual and strict mistress all the time. I don’t give you what you want, but what . . . → Read More: Balls Have Feelings Too

For the Love of a Good Mistress

Ms Alexis, the naughty leprechaun of LDW March Madness is here with a new blog topic! This one is fun whether you’re a chronic stroker or terrifically teased and denied. In the course of my sexy duties, I encounter a LOT of what could be considered off-the-wall or even zany practices by many of . . . → Read More: For the Love of a Good Mistress